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Learn the Top-Down Turkish Get-Up in just 5 days!  

Included in the challenge


  • a totally Rad 90's hip Hop workout playlist

  • AND a Killer 15 minute WORKOUT to strengthen your whole body!

  • Strength, muscle, skill and balance

Who should participate? 

Anyone and everyone that can move, want's to improve their strength, balance and mobility. 

You DON'T need to know how to use kettlebells.
WE are doing these get-ups UNWEIGHTED, aka naked. 

I am teaching you all that you need to know, so all you need to do is show up, have a can-do attitude, and capture your progress with your phone!

How to participate? 

  1. Enter your email address HERE to officially enter (if you didn't already). TO qualify for prizes and receive a FREE WORKOUT and 90's playlist,  I need your email address to contact you!!
  2. Post a video OR still (photo) of yourself each day on Instagram doing the movement for that day, starting on August 14th.

    **Please to a post each day to encourage others to A. Participate and B. Spread the word about the importance of movement practices that aren't JUST about weight loss and calories, but also about improving our strength and skills! 

    You can direct message videos to me directly if that feels better to you, but you MUST post a photo of some sort and use the tags EVERY DAY!

    Show the world that you care about MOVEMENT and inspire others to move with you!

  3. When you post, tag me (@sarahsmithstrength)  and use the hashtags  
    #kettlebells4coolkids #topdowntguchallenge in your posts each day!
  4. Post ALL 5 movements and then the entire Top Down TGU on day five to qualify!
  5. You must have posted ALL 5 movements by August 20th to qualify for a prize! NO EQUIPMENT REQUIRED! 



I will select THREE winners for the following prizes:

1. One person will receive a Kettlebells For Cool Kids program ($79 value) for FREE!

2. Two people will receive a Kettlebells For Cool Kids T-shirt or tank!

All you need To PARTICIPATE!

  • Watch the tutorial for the day. 

  • Do the movement. 

  • Film it. 

  • Post it. 

Do this for ALL 5 days and not only will you be entered you will have a DANG GOOD looking Get-Up too!!

Day 1 Video Tutorial

Day 2 Video Tutorial

Day 3 Video Tutorial

Day 4 Video Tutorial

Day 5 Video Tutorial

Top Down TGU with weight

Workout-Check your email!!!!

90's hip hop Playlist-Check your email!!!