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Learn the Top-Down Turkish Get-Up in just 5 days!  

The Top Down TGU Challenge is a 5 day school to teach you how to do a Turkish get-up!
When you participate you get:

  • a totally Rad 90's hip Hop workout playlist

  • AND a Killer 15 minute WORKOUT to strengthen your whole body!

  • Strength, muscle, skill and balance

  • Mastery of the Turkish Get-Up!

  • A love of kettlebells and hunger to learn more!!

  • Prizes!

Who should participate? 

  • Anyone and everyone that can move, wants to get STRONG, mobile and even MORE AWESOME!

  • You DON'T need to know how to use kettlebells.
    WE are doing these get-ups UNWEIGHTED, aka naked. 

  • I am teaching you all that you need to know, so all you need to do is show up, have a can-do attitude, and capture your progress with your phone!

How to participate? 

  1. Enter your email address HERE to receive your Playlist and Daily

  2. Post a video OR still (photo) of yourself each day on Instagram doing the movement for that day.

  3. When you post, tag me (@sarahsmithstrength) and use the hashtags
    #kettlebells4coolkids #topdowntguchallenge in your posts each day!

  4. Post ALL 5 movements and then the entire Top Down TGU on day five to qualify!

  5. You must have posted ALL 5 movements to qualify for a prize! NO EQUIPMENT REQUIRED! -Your name will be entered to win a FREE shirt during our next prize drawing!



All you need To PARTICIPATE!

  • Watch the tutorial for the day-it comes in your email!

  • Do the movement. 

  • Film it. 

  • Post it-Tag me and use the hashtags #topdownTGUchallenge and #kettlebells4cooldkids

Lots of folks think that the Turkish get-up is too difficult, complicated or advanced, but join this challenge and SEE that you can master this movement, build your strength and mobility and feel like a bad-ass in just 5 days!!