Tenth birthday!!!

B.U.M Equipment and scrunchies. I sort of want to reproduce this look right now.

B.U.M Equipment and scrunchies. I sort of want to reproduce this look right now.

That time I choreographed a dance number for my siblings to "Great Balls of Fire".

That time I choreographed a dance number for my siblings to "Great Balls of Fire".

Freshmen semi-I can't even...

Freshmen semi-I can't even...

My Sarah McLachlan hair stage....

My Sarah McLachlan hair stage....




I’m Sarah Smith. 

My 10th birthday was in 1990, which means my entire journey to adulthood took place in one of the greatest decade for style and music, the 90’s. 


I created this program for you for four primary reasons:

1. People need access to more kettlebell training that doesn’t just whip them into shape, but ensures longevity and enjoyment in their fitness practice (aka doesn’t hurt them).

From breathing patterns to pelvic position, core muscle development and alignment, WOMEN ESPECIALLY need education and support on how to train SMART to prevent weakening or over-training their cores and pelvic floors.

Whether you’re a mom, an athlete, going through menopause or none of these things, you have pelvic floors and cores that need to be trained WELL and in conjunction with one another. And you need to learn this via fitness programs that can be easily applied to your real life, which means the information has to be short and sweet and the workouts manageable. Otherwise you’re not going to do it. Right?

The pace of this course as well as themes and instruction are designed to provide you with the most important information regarding your posture/alignment, movement, kettlebell technique and sustainable whole body strength.


2. Kettlebells remain a very popular training modality because of their ability build a strong body and pretty banging’ physique, BUT not all kettlebell instruction and workouts are created equal and many are not safe, efficient OR correct.

As a Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor, movement quality and mobility-focused trainer, mom of 3 (postpartum 3 times over) and woman with prolapse, I just don’t see enough online programming that prioritizes quality of movement over quantity, the mastering of technique and the safety/longevity for dynamic bodies that are shifting and changing with age, lifestyles and hormonal environments.

I wanted to fill that gap and offer MY CLIENTS something that was going absolutely to whip them into shape, but also set them up for longterm success with respect to health and wellness.

3. Being consistent in exercise is hard, but when you finally find a way to have fun with your training and enjoy the heck out of the process (and not obsess about ultimately short term results), then Kid, you’ll be able to be consistent enough to get good results. Results that stick around.

For me, consistency in training requires efficient (i.e. short) workouts which are paired with damn good music. The type of music that harkens back to a time in my life when I moved for fun, danced my butt off at high school dances, jammed in the car with my girlfriends or rocked out in my college dorm room.

These are the tunes I find motivating.
They are the soundtrack to my teen years and I think you get it and feel that same compulsion to move when you hear them.

4. Fitness can be an intimidating world, especially when it comes to learning an advanced skill like kettlebells.
I wanted to create a program that would be fun, a little goofy, accessible, BUT ALSO high quality.

I break down even the most complex movements into a number of progressions so that you can comfortably master them at a pace that works for you and incorporate the practice into your workouts to safely train your body.

I’m a real person, so sometimes you’ll see me being goofy, correcting myself if I misspeak and rockin’ some real life hair, but aren’t there enough super polished, tan, styled perfect fitness professionals already out there in the world selling programs and DVD’s?
I don’t need to be another one of them.
I’m just your coach, Sarah Smith, an imperfect 90’s loving, pelvic floor protecting, highly trained kettlebell instructor.

We can all be real here, Kid.